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I’d like to give you and my other loyal customers a chance to acquire this one-of-a-kind, “Lifetime Showpiece” Aldrine Guerrero Premium Select Ukulele. This truly is an unparalleled uke in beauty and tone.

It took me over a month to secure this exquisite Koa Body, Tenor ukulele. I can only hold it for you, my regular customers for a couple of weeks before I make it available to the walk-in and eBay customers.

We’re offering this ukulele for $3611.00. I’ll personally include a FREE $120.00 bag and a FREE Extended Warranty.

If you’re interested, come into the store. Or, I’d be happy to make a make a house call (I will check my temperature, wear gloves and respect all social distancing etiquette.)


Shirley and Crew

Aldrine Guerrero Premium Select Ukulele

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